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Elsa Segura, 29, of Fridley, and Lyndon Wiggins, 36, of Minneapolis, were indicted by a Hennepin County grand jury for their role in the agent’s 2019 New Years Eve kidnapping and murder 28-year-old real estate Monique Baugh. and the attempted murder of her boyfriend, the Hennepin County District Attorney’s Office reported on May 13.

According to the criminal complaint, Baugh, a real estate agent, was called on his cell phone on the afternoon of December 31, 2019 by someone wishing to visit a house in Maple Grove. She arrived home around 3 p.m. Shortly after, a U-Haul pickup truck arrived and Baugh was forced into it. She was later found dead in Minneapolis.

The complaint also states that a man with a black mask used a key (later determined to be Baugh’s) to enter a house on Humboldt’s 4800 block of N. Avenue in Minneapolis and shot the little one. friend of Baugh. He was able to call 911 and was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The new indictments came on May 13 and listed four counts each against Segura and Wiggins: aiding and abetting first degree murder with premeditation, aiding and abetting attempted second degree murder with premeditation, aiding and encouragement of kidnapping and aiding and abetting first degree murder during kidnapping.

Prior to the indictments, Wiggins and Segura had previously been charged with second degree murder, attempted murder and kidnapping in connection with the case. Wiggins is currently in federal custody on narcotics charges. Segura’s jury trial is due to begin on June 21.

Two other co-defendants in the case, Cedric Berry, 42, of Minneapolis, and Berry Davis, 42, of Brooklyn Park, were indicted in February 2020 by a Hennepin County grand jury on the same charges as Wiggins and Segura are now faced.

The jury trial for Berry and Davis is scheduled to begin on May 17.

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