Blue Jays’ Berrios returns to face Twins with a taste of Minneapolis in mind


Jose berrios walked to Target Field before Thursday’s game, passing through the town he called home not too long ago.

Berríos had played for the Twins since 2016 until his July 30 trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. He will kick off as a visitor to Minneapolis for the first time Friday, the second game of his team’s four-game series against the Twins.

“It’s different, obviously, but it was very special,” Berríos said of his return to the past. “I liked that.”

Berríos has already been able to let some of those emotions out onto the mound, as he pitched against his former teammates on Sunday in Toronto. He had lunch with some of the Twins on the Friday before he left.

Back in Minnesota for a weekend now, Berríos has already planned his cheat day for Sunday, so he can eat some of his favorite Twin Cities food before leaving.

“I’ve ordered food for my teammates before,” said Berríos, referring to the local burgers his fellow Blue Jays will be tasting, “… trying to give them something special from Minnesota. “

Glove back soon

John glove kicked off a paddock session Thursday at Target Field, preparing for a possible return to the 10-day injured list before the end of the season.

The starting pitcher left the Sept. 13 game against the New York Yankees after throwing just a dozen shots, citing lower abdominal tension. The right-hander is 1-3 this season with a 4.73 ERA after coming to the Twins on July 30 as part of the JA Happ trade with Saint-Louis.

“We’ll see if he’s potentially ready to line up at some point in our rotation,” said the Twins manager. Rocco baldelli noted. “It obviously won’t be as extensive if or when it does, but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve got from when it has progressed to where it is now. positive. “

The Twins only have 10 games to play. But Gant could always return to the bullpen, his original position until Twins staff saw the potential to start.

“The goal was to get him comfortable with our system, to get him comfortable on the mound, to involve him in our group and put him in a position to succeed. And in the shorter stints at the early on, that’s where we thought it fits the best, “Baldelli said.” I think he’s gone there and he’s proven himself a bit. … When Wes [Johnson, pitching coach] comes to me excited about a plan and would really love to try something with one of our guys, my ears are open. And that was one of those things. “

MVP Visitor

Throughout the four home games against the Toronto Blue Jays, Twins fans will have the chance to see the American League’s top home runner. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., has 46 homers this season, tied with Kansas City Salvador Perez. Angels’ Shohei Ohtani is just behind at 45.

“Aside from being probably the best hitter we’ve seen in our game right now this year, he has the charisma that goes with it,” Baldelli said of Guerrero. “So it’s very easy to love him, shoot for him and just want to watch what he does when he walks on the baseball field. I’m a fan of him. I love watching him hit.”

Guerrero is a contender for the Triple Crown, also leading the league with a 0.323 batting average and 10 RBIs from way ahead of that category as well. This caused Baldelli to favor him for the honor of American League MVP. Another solid option is Ohtani, who also throws and plays on the pitch.

“What Ohtani is doing this year is probably one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my life, in any sport of any year,” said Baldelli. “And I don’t know any other way to put it. What he’s doing is from another world. And I don’t know if we’ll ever see that again from anyone other than him. “

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