Chambers USA 2021 recognizes Dorsey’s lawyers and practices


MINNEAPOLIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – International law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP today announced that 69 of its attorneys and 28 of its firms in eight of its U.S. offices have been ranked by Chambers and Partners in its annual survey, Chambers USA: the best American lawyers for business in 2021.

In addition to the practices of eight state-level classified Dorsey offices, the company’s practices on Cannabis, Energy: Mining and Metals – Transactional, ERISA Litigation, and Native American Law have been classified nationally.

The following Dorsey lawyers have been ranked individually by Chambers in his latest guide:


Skip Durocher – Native American Law

Andrew Holly – ERISA Litigation

Stephen Lucke – ERISA Litigation

Sativa Rasmussen – Cannabis Act: Western United States

Ken Sam – Cannabis Act: Western United States

Richard Silberberg – International arbitration: arbitrators

Mary Streitz – Native American Law


Louisiana Cutler – Litigation: General Commercial

Michael Mills – Company / M & A; Bankruptcy / Restructuring

Joan Travostino – Real Estate


Charlene Krogh – Intellectual Property

Lee Osman – Intellectual Property

Ken Sam – Energy and Natural Resources

Gregory Tamkin – Intellectual Property


Rebecca Brommel – Litigation: general commercial

William Miller – Litigation: general commercial

David Tank – Litigation: general commercial


Candelario Arredondo – Immigration

Rebecca Bernhard – Immigration

Elizabeth Buckingham – Intellectual Property

Michelle Grant – Litigation: General Commercial

Mark Hamel – Real Estate

Jocelyn Knoll – Construction

James Langdon – Litigation: General Commercial

Jay Lindgren – Real Estate: Zoning and Land Use

Michael Lindsay – Antitrust

Ed Magarian – Litigation: White Collar Crime and Government Investigations

John Marsalek – Company / M & A

John Marti – Litigation: White Collar Crime and Government Investigations

David Meyer – Real Estate

Ryan Mick – Work and Employment

Marcus Mollison – Real Estate

Robert Olson – Real Estate

Melissa Raphan – Work and employment

Robert Rosenbaum – Company / M & A

Eric Ruzicka – Construction

Jaime Stilson – Antitrust

Alyson Van Dyk – Real Estate

Bob Webber – Immigration

Steve Wells – Litigation: General Commercial

RJ Zayed – Litigation: White Collar Crime and Government Investigations


Steve Bell – Litigation: General Commercial

Courtney Ellis – Business / M & A

Erin McCrady – Business / M & A

Dan Semmens – Company / M & A

new York

Sandra Edelman – Intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets

Bruce Ewing – Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets

Salt lake city

Alan Bell – Company / M & A

Bryon Benevento – Litigation: general commercial

Brett Foster – Intellectual Property

Megan Houdeshel – Natural Resources and Environment

Benjamin Machlis – Natural resources and environment

Steve Marsden – Litigation: General Commercial

Chris Martinez – Litigation: general commercial

David Marx – Company / M & A

Mark Miller – Intellectual Property

Kimberly Neville – Litigation: General Commercial

Wells Parker – Natural Resources and Environment

Bryan Pratt – Intellectual Property

William Prince – Natural Resources and Environment

Tiffany Shimada – Intellectual Property

Marcus Simon – Intellectual property

Nolan Taylor – Company / M & A

Matthew Wells – Company / M & A


Chris Barry – Company / M & A

Michael Droke – Work and Employment

Kimton Eng – Intellectual Property

Aaron Goldstein – Work and Employment

John Hollinrake – Tax

Paul Meiklejohn – Intellectual property

The following Dorsey practices were ranked by Chambers in his latest guide:

In all the countries

Cannabis Act

Energy: Mining and Metals – Transactional

ERISA litigation

Native American law


Company / M & A

Litigation: General commercial


Intellectual property


Litigation: General commercial




Company / M & A


Work and employment

Litigation: General commercial

Litigation: white collar crime and government investigations



Company / M & A

Litigation: General commercial

Natural resources and environment

new York

Corporate / M & A: highly appreciated

Intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets

Salt lake city

Company / M & A

Intellectual property

Litigation: General commercial

Natural resources and environment


Company / M & A

Intellectual property


Chambers surveys and interviews clients and lawyers across the United States to determine which firms and lawyers are considered leaders in their fields. Rankings assess key qualities in the legal field, including technical legal capacity, professional conduct, customer service, business savvy, diligence, and commitment.

About Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Customers have relied on Dorsey since 1912 as a valued business partner. With locations in the United States and Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, Dorsey offers an integrated and proactive approach to the legal and business needs of its clients. Dorsey represents a number of the world’s most successful companies across a wide range of industries, including leaders in banking and financial institutions, development and infrastructure, energy and natural resources, food, beverage and agribusiness, health and technology, as well as profit and government entities.

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