Minneapolis police warn of increasing carjackings in Phillips and Ventura Village neighborhoods

MINNEAPOLIS– Minneapolis police are warning residents in the city’s south end of an increase in thefts and carjackings in the Ventura Village and Midtown Phillips neighborhoods.

The Minneapolis Police Department sent a letter to residents on Friday saying there had been an increase in crime in those areas, noting that suspects were armed and targeting victims who were sitting in their cars, approaching their car or on their phone.

The crimes usually occur between late afternoon and early evening, leaving victims without their cars and, in some cases, without wallets, keys and passwords as well.

According to the city’s Crime Dashboard, there have been 26 carjackings in the 3rd Arrondissement so far this month. This is about double the number of carjackings that occurred in the region last year in August.

In response to the increase in carjackings, police said they installed a moving camera at the intersection of East 28th Street and South 13th Avenue. They hope the strategic placement of the device will deter carjackings.

Drivers in the area are advised to keep their car doors locked at all times and to be vigilant, not to scroll through social media when parked, for example. People are also advised to tell others where they are going and to continue driving if they think they are being followed.

Anyone who witnesses a carjacking has asked to call 911.

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