Nonprofit plans to open Olympic-size swimming pool in north Minneapolis


The project aims to bridge the gap between minority communities and access to swimming pools.

MINNEAPOLIS – Starting in November, the corner of Plymouth Avenue and Lyndale Avenue will transform from a warehouse to a V3 community center.

“We’re going to have an educational pool, running track, community meeting space and retail space,” said V3 Sports founder Erika Binger.

V3 is a non-profit organization which works to resolve the lack of access to swimming among minority communities and provides opportunities for equity in well-being.

Binger says the center is something northern Minneapolis really needs.

“There is no swimming pool accessible to the public year round,” Binger said. “Nothing complete for adults and families that also allows this sporting competition.”

Malik Rucker is the director of community engagement for the V3 center and says children in the area need a place to learn and compete.

“There hasn’t been a lot of investment in northern Minneapolis compared to other parts of Minneapolis and other places in the state,” Rucker said. “Swimming, in general, is a skill of life.”

Funding for the V3 center comes from donors, donations, corporate sponsorships and they are also trying to access federal and state funding.

So far enough money has been raised to pave the way in November for the community center, but they still need more money to build the pool.

“We have a matching donation of $ 4 million, so if we’re able to match that, we can start the first phase,” Binger said.

Once the project is completed, the V3 center is sure to make a splash in the lives of children and teens in North Minneapolis.

“We know someone will come from North Minneapolis and be on the Olympic team in 10 or 15 years,” Binger said.

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