The 48th Annual Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run will feature solid grounds for the 2021 USATF 10 Mile Men’s and Women’s Championships presented by Toyota


Ten Mile World and American Record Holder Keira D Amato will face 15 other top American women; Futsum Zienasellassie, the reigning US 10-mile champion, will be chased by 21 other top US men.

August 19, 2021, Washington, DC: Have we been here for a long time ?? too long ?? and America’s top long-distance runners look forward to the start of the 2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile (CUCB), which takes place in our nation’s capital on Sunday, September 12. With $ 26,000 in American Championship cash prizes being offered as well as a $ 10,000 bonus for an American record (the bonus will be split if the men and women break the American records), road racing fans can expect some hotly contested races between men and women.

?? It has been almost two years since the last time the US Ten Mile Championships for Men and Women were held, ?? said event director Phil Stewart. ?? I know a host of talented Americans are eager to take an important middle distance test, as most of them are gearing up for the fall marathons, of which there are many, the six World Marathon events. Majors taking place over a six-week period between September 26 and November 7 ??

This will be the third time that one or more USATF 10 Mile Championships have been hosted by CUCB alongside the traditional international competition: The Women’s Championships were part of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile 2013, with Janet Bawcom winning the title in 53:28 overall. by placing fourth overall. A year later, in 2014, the race organizers hosted the men’s and women’s championships. Christo Landry (46:41) was the first American to cross the finish line ?? in sixth place in the general classification? Bawcom’s two-stroke set US records at the time.

Keira D Amato broke Bawcom’s US record last fall at the Up Dawg Ten Mile, running 51:23 in a short invitational race hosted by the Cherry Blossom race committee specifically for her to chase the Bawcom record. D ?? Amato ?? s effort was recently verified as a single world record for women by the Association of Road Racing Statisticians. (ARRS is the only organization to maintain world records at the 10 mile distance.)

D ?? Amato will be joined on the starting line by two Americans who broke 53 minutes for 10 miles: Jordan Hasay (52:49) and Emma Bates (52:51). Three other Americans ran at 54:00 or more: Natosha Rogers (53:45), Diane Nukuri (53:56) and Annie Frisbie (54:00).

On the men’s side, Futsum Zienasellassie will defend the USATF 10 Mile Championship he won in Minneapolis in 2019 (the last time American riders competed for this title, thanks to the Covid-19). His winning time of 46:55 is one of four marks below 47:00 among the American men in the race. Chris Derrick has the fastest personal best (46:53), which he raced at CUCB in 2018 when he was the best American and fifth overall. Abbabiya Simbassa ran 46:57 to finish second behind Zienasellassie in Minneapolis in 2019, and Kiya Dandena ran 46:58 in 2017 at CUCB. The current US record for men on hold is 45:54 set by Galen Rupp last fall. Rupp’s time improved Greg Meyer’s time by 46:13 over the 1983 Cherry Blossom Ten Mile.

Here’s a full list of America’s elite athletes who have confirmed their entry into the 2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile, with personal bests noted in parentheses:


Keira DÂ’Amato (51:23)
Jordan Hasay (52:49)
Emma Bates (52:51)
Natosha Rogers (53:45)
Diane Nukuri (53:56)
Annie Frisbie (54:00)
Bria Wetsch (54:14)
Susanna Sullivan (54:22)
Bethany Sachtleben (54:42)
Grayson Murphy (54:51)
Carrie Verdon (56:57)
Danielle Shanahan (31:22.9 10K)
Amy Davis (32:13 10K)
Abbie McNulty (33:07 10K)
Stephanie Bruce (1:09:55 half marathon)
Nell Rojas (1:10:45 half marathon)

Chris Derrick (46:53)
Futsum Zienasellassie (46:55)
Abbabiya Simbassa (46:57)
Kiya Dandena (46:58)
Augustus Maiyo (47:05)
Elkanah Kibet (47:15)
Girma Mecheso (47:22)
Noah Droddy (47:28)
Louis Serafini. (47:35)
Emmanuel Bor (47:39)
Reed Fischer (47:50)
Shadrack Biwott (47:53)
John Raneri (47:53)
Tyler McAndless (47:56)
Dhruvil. Patel (48:37)
Frank Lara (48:37)
Joel Reichow (48:41)
Alex Monroe (48:57)
Willie Milam (49:10)
Robert Brandt (27:39.2 10K)
Brendan Gregg (44:25 15K)
Reid Buchanan (44:40 15K)
Emmanuel Roudolff (1:04:08 half marathon)

Of course, with almost four weeks to go until race day, these fields are subject to change. A full list of all invited riders will be released on Wednesday, September 8.

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Runs 2021 marks the 20th year of title sponsorship by Credit Union Miracle Day. Since 2002, more than $ 10 million has been raised for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle network, including $ 439,000 in 2020. Of this $ 439,000, $ 66,000 came from runners who donated their registration fees to the instead of asking for a refund when the race weekend in our nation’s capital was wiped out by Covid19.

About the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile:

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile, organized by Cherry Blossom, Inc., a Chapter 501c (3) of the Road Runners Club of America, is known as “The Runner ?? s Rite of Spring® ?? in the national capital. The event staging area is on the Washington Monument Grounds, and the route passes in view of all of Washington, DC’s major memorials. The event serves as a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a consortium of 170 leading children’s hospitals across North America. About a third of the funds raised support Washington, DC? S own Children ?? s National (?? Children ?? s Hospital ??). The event also funds the Road Runners Club of America ?? s ?? Roads Scholar ?? program, designed to support young American running talent.

Credit Union Miracle Day, Inc., a consortium of credit unions and credit union providers in partnership with CUNA Mutual Group, PCSU and CO-OP Financial Services, is the title sponsor of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run , 5K Run-Walk and the kids ?? To run. Additional sponsorship comes from ASICS, Garmin Gatorade, Medstar Health, and Potomac River Running.

The event is proud to be a member of the PRRO Circuit (, a series of major non-marathon road races in Tampa, Florida; Washington DC; Spokane, WA; and Utica, NY. The Circuit is committed to drug-free sport and funds drug testing at all circuit events in accordance with the standards of international and US drug control authorities.

In addition to being sanctioned by USA Track & Field and the Road Runners Club of America, the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run has been awarded Gold Level Inspire certification from the Council for Responsible Sport in recognition of its legacy of commitment to sustainability and thoughtful management of resources. To learn more, visit and follow the event on social media @CUCB and # CUCB2021.

About the Credit Union Miracle Day:

Credit Union Miracle Day is a partnership of over 100 credit unions, CUSOs and partner organizations united in sponsoring the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, promoting awareness of the credit union difference and benefiting network hospitals Nationwide Children’s Miracle.

About American Credit Unions:

Credit unions are financial cooperatives that provide consumers with choices in financial services such as checking accounts, investments, and loans of all kinds, including mortgages. The funds are insured by the federal government, but unlike the banks, there are no shareholders in the credit unions. The earnings are returned to member-owners in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, low-cost or no-charge products and services. The philosophy of the credit union to place members ?? needs first, which is why more than 115 million Americans do their banking in a credit union.

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